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Headshots/Busts (3)
~:Headshot Commish for Wolfpup166:~ by SapphireWolf100
Three headshots/busts with shading/highlights.

This can be completed in black & white with greyscale, color, or in the new 3S style of shading. (If you choose 3S, you must tell me if you want it black & white or colored!)

You can choose either a simple or a transparent background to go with this commissioned piece as well!
Skype Icons (2)
Receive two Skype icons with shading (detailed or 3S) and highlights with a colored background. Can be completed in color or with black & white with grayscale.

You may choose from two different sizes for the icons. 
315x315 or 535x535
Linework (3)
You can receive three different lineworks with your choice of species/character. It can be three different species/characters if you choose as well! This commission piece will NOT include coloring or shading, but a transparent or white background can be an option if you choose.

***It will then be up to YOU to color them, and it will be for YOUR use only. You do NOT have permission from me to sell the linework or give it away freely. It is MY linework and MY signature WILL be included. This is only intended for YOUR use for your OWN characters/species. Not heeding this will prevent you from buying any more artwork from me!
Chibi (3)
Receive three full body chibis of any characters of your choosing! This includes shading/highlights and a colored background as well!

Shading can be done in the 3S style if you choose, besides the regular detailed shading style.

Can be completed in black & white with greyscale or with color.
Full Body (2)
Get yourself two full body digital drawings with characters of your choice! You have two options with the pricing of this commission piece:

1. Two full body drawings (in black & white w/ grayscale or color) with shading/highlights and a transparent background.


2. Two full body drawings (B&W w/ grayscale or color) with a simple or detailed background with no shading/highlights included.


SapphireWolf100 has started a donation pool!
20 / 15,000
Please donate some points! This could really help me out, as I need to earn some points/money.
Your donations will be appreciated greatly! ;w;

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Can I please have some help and signal boost my commission sale? Every commission type is 20% off! This offer ends at Midnight (EST) on July 27th (tomorrow)!!

Here's my commission information:

I also have a FurAffinity, so here's the commission information located here as well:…

Spreading the word can help me out ;w; 
The next sale will be next Saturday & Sunday (August 2nd & 3rd)

My family is still having some financial issues, and it would be a great help to buy a commission from me ;w;

You can get something like this as a Skype icon if you choose:

The price would equal out to 405 :points: or $4.05 (Keep in mind that there are price ranges)
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Artist | Varied
United States
Hey, welcome to my dA page. Feel free to call me Saph, Sapphire, Neigh or Sapphie. Or if you want, my real name. I'm a fifteen year old artist who has been drawing since 2/26/10. I mainly draw canines, but I've been working on other things like humans, tigers, and horses. But I have plans to draw other things as well.

I have dreams to become a very great artist, either that or even become a liscensed pilot. Maybe even have some fame for creating the series I'm currently working on that's about my life called "The One Who Waits". I may even make other animated stories, because I don't think the one about my life really wouldn't be a hit, nor would it matter. Another dream of mine is to make my own songs and sing them, due to me wanting to become a singer when I was little. Quite a lot of things I want to do, but the way things seem to appear now, it will be hard, just like it has been for a while now. But, I usually push myself and strive to do better as quickly as I can.

I must warn you though, if the friends I hold dear come running to me because you harmed them in any possible form, I'll make sure you will regret making such an action upon them. Hurt me in any way, I'll make sure that you will hurt as well. Otherwise, it doesn't matter who you are and where you come from, if you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that, I'm a pretty neutral person, but one you cross that invisible line, I'll make sure you will regret your actions. I say this because I don't want my dear friends to be hurt, and I also don't anyone to experience my bad side. That's all I have to say for now, but if you have any questions or want to drop a comment, just do so c:

Youtube: SapphireWolf100 (Somewhat active)

iScribble: SW100 (Somewhat active)

Skype: sapphiretiger100 (Highly active)

Charahub: SapphireWolf100 (Somewhat active)

Tumblr: (Somewhat active)

Facebook: (Ask first)

Email: (Ask first)

Who I really am:

American Flag Stamp by xxstamps German heritage stamp by t3hsilentone Irish Heritage Stamp by QuetzalLeo Scottish Heritage Stamp by QuetzalLeo

Austrian Pride by CrimsonLegacy Hungarian Pride by CrimsonLegacy Native American Stamp by StrydingSoul French Pride by CrimsonLegacy

Flag of Israel Stamp by xxstamps British Pride by CrimsonLegacy

Left Handed but Always Right by phoenixtsukinoSTAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Message-Stalker Stamp by Sharubii

People that need more love and I think are great people and/or artists who I hold dear to me and all that lovey dovey-ness or whatever I don't know what else to put:

:iconsuicidal-s-a-b: :iconmadgenius908: :iconconjures: :iconwolfpup166: :iconburningseagulls: :iconemu94: :iconflekkr: :iconpabeke: :iconhanami-kokoro: :iconbeatrixthefinal: :iconsnowwolf100: :icondo-he-got-the-booty: :iconjspeed384: :icontheawesomehetalian: :iconsennketsu:
( I'll add more people later )

My dA Family:

My close friend and pet of fluffehness: :iconsuicidal-s-a-b:

My good friend and big brother: :iconmadgenius908:

Little sister: :iconmsamiclassified:

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